Greek Sweet Almond Oil
Greek Sweet Almond Oil

Greek Sweet Almond Oil

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Greek Sweet Almond Oil

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Latin name: Prunus dulcis var. dulcis


Botanical family: Rosaceae


Method of extraction: cold pressed and unrefined


Plant part used to extract the oil: dry almond kernels


Cultivation method: organic farming


Area of origin: North Greece,


Historical notes:


Native to the Middle East, almond trees spread along the Mediterranean shores to North Africa and southern Europe. The term “almond” is believed to be derived from the French word “almande” and the Greek word “amydala.” Believed to improve the function of ouramygdalas (part of the brain in control of decision making, it also processes our memoriesandemotions), it was served to dignitaries to boost their administrative abilities. Historical sources suggest that domesticated almond trees appeared around 4000 B.C. at the latest.


In theGreek mythology, the Olympian gods feared the power of Agdistis, a daemon that possessed both male and female reproductive organs, and so they devised a plot to kill him. Once Dionysus spiked Agdistis’ drink with a sleeping potion, the gods tied Agdistis’ male genitalia to his own foot. When he woke and stood up, he tore his penis off, and where the blood fell, an almond tree grew.An almond from this tree later fell into the lap of Nana, daughter of the river god Sangarius, making her pregnant with Attis.


Main chemical constituents:


palmitic acid (3-9%), stearic acid (0.5-3%), oleic acid (60 -75%), linoleic acid (20-30%), alpha-linolenic acid (0.4%), arachidic (0.2%)


Other compounds: squalene, glycosides, beta-sitosterol, vitamin E, etc.


Colour: clear yellow


Consistency: thin


Therapeutic properties associated with Sweet Almond oil:

Anti-inflammatory, emollient, light occlusive, lubricating (commonly used as a massage medium)


How we use it:


  • Add to your massage blends for a lighter texture
  • Combine with some nourishing and repairing Pomegranate oil to create a simple body oil
  • It can be used in Skincare formulationssuch as creams and lotions



Safety considerations:


Sweet almond oils is usually recommended for all skin types but personally we do not recommend it for very dry skin or dandruff.