Who is Margaret Karlinski?


Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski MSc. (Hons.), Cert. Ed., M.I.F.A., NHS reg.

 Margaret has been working within the education sector since 1990. Firstly as a private high school teacher and then as a further education lecturer and examiner, specialising in Science, Aromatherapy and other complementary therapies as well as organic skincare development.  She is an IFA Teacher and Examiner.                                                                                                               

With a Master’s Degree in Science and Education from the Chemistry Department of University of Warsaw, Margaret was privileged to be offered a teaching position in one of the very first private high schools in Warsaw. There she enjoyed preparing students to matriculation exams and university entry exams. Always passionate about education, Margaret proposed and carried out a complete reorganization of the 4-year-long teaching programme for the school. She wrote her own syllabus, allowing for a logical correlation of Chemistry and Biology programmes and this work was approved by Polish Ministry of Education.

Years of studying and teaching Science made Margaret aware of both convenience and the often much darker side of chemical substances commonly used in cosmetics as well as food. Soon after settling in London, Margaret turned her attention to her passion for plants and ‘all things natural’. In 1999 she qualified as an Aromatherapist and set up her own practice. Dedicated to lifelong learning, Margaret soon added to her qualifications and the portfolio of skills keeps on growing. It now includes Naturopathy, Diet and Nutrition, Natural Face Lift, to name just a few.

Teaching has always been an important and enjoyable part of Margaret’s life, and she loves planning and delivering a wide variety of courses and workshops. Over the last decade she has developed and successfully taught close to hundred, including Chemistry of Essential Oils, Science of Fixed Oils, Aromatherapy and the Mind, Diploma in the Development of Organic Phyto-Skincare Cosmetics, Botanical Perfumery, Oncology Massage Practitioner Diploma, The Study of the Skin, Aromatherapy Research, Essential Oils Of Japan, The Secrets Of Attars, Aromatherapy For Dermatological Conditions, and many others.

As a dedicated educator, she strongly believes in lifelong learning and closely follows the latest developments and new scientific discoveries pertaining to all aspects of aromatherapy (in particular, Chemistry and therapeutic properties of Essential and Fixed Oils), as well as formulation of organic skincare, cancer care and nutrition. Her workshops and course content are updated and refreshed before each and every course that she runs.

Whilst serving on the Council of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (Vice-chair and Chair of Education), Margaret co-developed the current IFA Aromatherapy Diploma syllabus and worked on the development of the Professional Essential Oils Therapy Diploma programme. 

Margaret is a founder of the AromaEssence Education and Consultancy and a co-organiser of the educational series of Green Events and Retreats (The Green Skin Event, The Green Women’s Apothecary, etc.).  She also works closely with a number of Complementary Medicine Schools. In 2009 she joined the teaching team at the Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine (MSCM) and has become an integral part of the school.

In the recent years she has been mentoring many Aromatherapists - both newly qualified and those who qualified many years ago, many of whom are now realising the importance of keeping their knowledge up to date.

She also consults for the Essential Oil distillers and cosmetic making companies (including Vedani Botanicals™, Bikeface®, etc.), assisting them in product development, selecting appropriate ingredients, or providing bespoke blending services and information.

Over the years Margaret has contributed to many professional publications, including books – both in the UK and abroad. She has written and published numerous articles on Chemistry and various other subjects (including SPC, Healthy, Aromatherapy Times, etc.). Margaret has also been a keynote speaker at conferences and lectured for a variety of Complementary Medicine Schools and Colleges in the UK and abroad (including the University of Bedfordshire and University of Cornwall).

Passion for travel takes Margaret to different corners of the world where she investigates various aspects of Aromatherapy and Complementary Medicine (the Sandalwood situation in India, production of Patchouli essential oil in Java as examples). She has been instrumental in the development of MSCM Educational Tours and has lead trips offering Therapists the opportunity to study overseas. These include Aromatherapy Study Tours in Kerala & Tamil Nadu (India), visiting spice plantations and Essential Oil producers.    

Margaret is renowned for her passion, enthusiasm, unwavering professional integrity and commitment to helping Therapists and other professionals in the field to become the best they can be.