Packaging Policy

Packed with care - shipped with love!

In Vessel Essential Oils we take environmental issues into serious account in making packaging decisions. Packaging must protect the product from the environment and the environment from the product.


It must provide information on the product and its use and communicate the product brand.


Essential oils are usually thin liquids that need special care when it comes to packaging. Their chemical composition requires a material that will carry them around the world and maintain their consistency and mass intact. Thus we use glass bottles with childproof, plastic caps in order to prevent leakage during transport.



Larger quantities of essential oils, macerated oils, vegetable oils and hydrolats require even more careful handling.


So, in order to avoid any glass cracking due to heavier products, we use the certified aluminum containers of Tournaire.


Nevertheless, this implies to our herbs, where we use glass vases and craft paper to transport them around the world.


Additionally, we use carton boxes and craft paper in our packaging.


This policy concerns the retail packaging for our own brand products.


It also concerns logistics packaging for our wholesale products. We avoid the use of excess packaging materials and are reducing the use of plastic as much as we can. We use metal barrels, aluminum containers, cardboard, paperboard and wooden pallets for the safety of our products.

The logistical chain of a product involves various forms of packaging, including pallets, transport packaging, store packaging and consumer packaging. Appropriate packaging makes product handling easier throughout the supply chain.

Our packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable.

Our plastic packaging is 100% recyclable and we are trying to reduce the amount of packaging material that is difficult to handle.

Our packaging design takes into account the overall impact on the environment, minimizing the amount of packaging material used while maintaining the basic functions of packaging and minimizing product waste.