Greek Cypress Organic Essential Oil

Greek Cypress Organic Essential Oil

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Greek Cypress Organic Organic Essential Oil

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Common name: Cypress

Other names: Mediterranean cypress, Italian cypress

Latin name: Cupressus sempervirens

Botanical family:Cupressaceae

Method of extraction: distilled at our organically certified distillery

Plant part used to extract the oil:Leaves (needles) and soft twigs (when trees are trimmed in autumn)

Cultivation method: Wild

Area of origin: Chalkidiki, Northern Greece

Historical notes: The Greeks and Romans planted cypress trees on temple and burial grounds. The trees across from the courtyard of Veneto church in Veneto, Thessaly, Greece are thought to be the oldest in Greece and have girths of almost 5 meters! Athenian households in mourning were draped with branches of cypress.Cypress was also used to fumigate the air during cremations. Cypress was used to make wreaths to adorn statues of Pluto, the ruler of the underworld.

Biochemical group: monoterpene

Main chemical constituents: alpha-pinene, delta-3-carene, terpinyl acetate, terpinolene, cedrol, beta-pinene, sabinene, others

Colour:pale yellow

Consistency: thin

Aroma strength: medium

Perfumery note: middle

Aroma:sweet balsamic, refreshing, piney and woodsy with a hint of citrus

Traditional Aromatherapy Uses:

Traditionally in aromatherapy treatments cypress is associated with the following therapeutic properties: antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, decongestant, deodorant, diuretic, haemostatic, hepatic, sudorific, vein tonic

Qualified aromatherapists may use cypress essential oil for common complaints such as:

  • skin conditions: oily and acne prone skin, excessive perspiration
  • circulatory problems –various veins, haemorrhoids and oedema
  • respiratory issues - coughs, acute chronic bronchitis and whooping cough, asthma and spasmodic cough
  • reproductive system – menstrual irregularities, painful periods, dysmenorrhoea (period uterine cramps), menorrhagia (heavy menstruation) and menopausal problems such as hot flashes.
  • others

How we use it:

Inhalation / Vaporisation:

- We really enjoy this oil in uplifting blends – with Bergamot, Lemon, Black Pine and a drop of Rosemary.

- For calmer, more ‘grounded’ blend try it with our wonderful Helichrysum or Frankincense. It also blends well with Lavender.

- Vaporise for bronchial congestion – perhaps with our Black Pine or Peppermint.

Skin applications:

- For oily/congested skin - add together with our Geranium or Lavender essential oil to an unscented face cream. Our gorgeous Lemon essential oil would also work but remember to follow the recommended maximum dermal skin levels to avoid phototoxicity

- For a deodorant (cream or balm) – consider combining with some Lavender and/or Geranium essential oils

- It can also prove useful against poor venal circulation - try adding to our macerated Calendula oil! Blend with our Helichrysum, Lemon or Geranium

Please, also see our How to Use Essential Oils Safely page for more information

Safety considerations:

Tisserand and Young do not indicate any special precautions when using Cypress Essential Oil but warn that old or oxidised oil should be avoided as it may cause skin sensitisation. Reading Tisserand and Young's full profile is recommended. [Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, 'Essential Oil Safety' (Second Edition. United Kingdom: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2014), 265.]

Please, also see our How to Use Essential Oils Safely page for more information.

Research and studies:

  • Medical importance of Cupressus sempervirens-A review

  • Antiproliferative effects of essential oils and their major constituents in human renal adenocarcinoma and amelanotic melanoma cells.

  • Chemical composition, antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity of the essential oil and methanol extract of the Mediterranean cypress (Cupressus sempervirens L.)

  • Immunological and Psychological Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage


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