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Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil
Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil
Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil
Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil
Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil
Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil
Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil
Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil
Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil

Greek Clary Sage Organic Essential Oil

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Greek Clary Sage Essential Oil

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Common name: Clary Sage, Clary or Muscatel sage

(Must not be confused with Sage Salvia officinalis!)


Latin name:Salvia sclarea


Botanical family: Lamiaceae / Labiate


Method of extraction:distilled at our organically certified distillery


Plant part used to extract the oil: flowering tops and foliage


Cultivation method: organic farming


Area of origin: Chalkidiki, Central Macedonia


Historical notes:native to the northern Mediterranean including some areas of north Africa and Central Asia. The plant has a lengthy history of use.


Sclarea’ in the botanical name of clary sage is derived from Greek ‘σκληρός’ (‘sklēros’) meaning ‘hard’.


Descriptions of medicinal use of the plant goes back to the writings of some of the greatest Greek scientists, including Theophrastus,the ‘father of botany’ in the 4th century BCE and Dioscorides (physician, pharmacologist and botanist) in the 1st century CE. Pliny the Elder (1st century CE) author, naturalist and natural philosopher, a naval and army commander of the early Roman Empire, also included clary sage in his encyclopaedic work‘NaturalisHistoria’ (‘Natural History’).


Biochemical group:esters


Main chemical constituents:linalyl acetate, linlool, germacrene D, alpha-terpineol, geranyl acetate, trans-beta-caryophyllene, geraniol, beta-myrcene, neryl acetate, others


Colour: clear very pale-yellow


Consistency: thin


Aroma strength: strong


Perfumery note: middle


Aroma: fresh, herbaceous, earthy, floral, slightly sweet, warm, woody

Traditional Aromatherapy Uses:


  • Traditionally in aromatherapy treatments clary sage essential oil is associated with the following therapeutic properties: aphrodisiac, antianxiety, antibacterial, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic, calming, carminative, cephalic, CNS tonic,deodorant, digestive tonic, emmenagogue,euphoric, hormone balancer, hypotensive, neurotonic, nervine, sedative, sebum balancer, tonic, uterine tonic(spasmolytic and analgesic to the womb)


  • Qualified aromatherapists may use clary sage essential oil for common complaints such as:
  • skin conditions: excessive sebum production - oily skin and greasy hair/scalp, as well as dandruff; hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
  • nervous tension and stress related conditions, anxiety, agitation, depression, insomnia, exhaustion, burnout and adrenal fatigue to strengthen/restore debilitated nervous system; calms the mind, balancing&stabilising for any kind of emotional shock
  • respiratory issues - asthma
  • reproductivesystem – a real women’s remedy – PMS, dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), delayed or scanty menstruation, amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), in childbirth to relax the mother and ease anxiety
  • others
  • How we use it:
  • Inhalation / Vapourisation:

- We really enjoy our clary sagein uplifting blends, for when we feel a bit low and ‘blue’.   Try to vapourise a couple of drops blended with bergamot or our amazing sweet orange! It also blends well with geranium and ylang-ylang.

- Vapourise for anxiety and stress related conditions – blend with lavender and/or bergamot.  It would also work well with cedarwood, geranium, patchouli or petitgrain.

  • Skin applications:

                - Oily skin / hair– add some to a light unscented face cream or shampoo base

- Forstress andtension - dilute in a fixed oil (carrier oil) and put in a small roll-on bottle. Spread onto your wrists, behind your ears or temples. Try blended with lavender and/or geranium

- For menstrual pain and PMS - dilute in a fixed oil (carrier oil) and massage the lower abdomen or specific muscle areas. Try blended with any of the following oils: lavender, geranium, sweet fennel, sweet marjoram and Roman chamomile

Please, also see our How to Use Essential Oils Safely page for more information

Safety considerations:

Clary Sage essential oil is contraindicated to pregnancy.


Tisserand and Young do not indicate any special precautions when using Clary Sage Essential Oil. Reading Tisserand and Young's full profile is recommended. [Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young, 'Essential Oil Safety' (Second Edition. United Kingdom: Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, 2014), 253.]


Please, also see our How to Use Essential Oils Safely page for more information.


Research and studies:

  • The effect of clary sage oil on staphylococci responsible for wound infections

  • Clary Sage Essential Oil and Its Effect on Human Mood and Pulse Rate: An in vivo Pilot Study


  • Randomized controlled trial for Salvia sclarea or Lavandula angustifolia: differential effects on blood pressure in female patients with urinary incontinence undergoing urodynamic examination


  Margaret Pawlaczyk-Karlinski MSc. (Hons.), Cert. Ed., M.I.F.A., NHS reg.

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