Loyalty Vessel Points Program

If you are here means that you are part of Vessel Team!

We create this Loyalty Vessel Points Program, so to reward you because you choose us!

You act, you WIN!

Let's see how it works..

How you earn the Vessel Points?

1. Make a profile and you earn your first 100 VPoints! Too easy huh?



2. You buy and you earn! For each euro that you spend to our eshop(www.evessel.gr) you earn 1 VPoint.

3. We like when you interact with our social media and eshop so we reward you with VPoints for this! How?

  • Subscribe to our mailing list – 10 points
  • Enter your birthday – 10 points
  • Visit our Facebook Page – 10 points
  • Leave a comment – 10 points
  • Subscribe to our Vessel Essential Oils Youtube channel to watch our videos – 10 points
  • Share on Twitter our eshop – 10 points
  • Watch our video/presentation – 10 points
  • View our Instagram posts – 5points
  • Reply to a question for us – 5 points

 Find the "Rewards" button on the Right Side or the Circle at your mobile device and start earning!


4. It will be great to have your friends with us! Refer a friend and you will both gain a 5€ coupon for your next purchase. How? Go to the "Reward" menu, choose "Referral" and you will see a unique code! Share this code with your friend and both you will win! You can do this with all your friends!

How you Claim the Vessel Points?

Okey you earned your VPoints and now you are ready to Claim your prizes!

Go to "Claim" menu at the "Rewards" menu(You will find it to your right at the screen or the circle at mobile device) and choose your prize:

You can choose:

  • With 250 VPoints you take 5€ discount coupon!
  • With 500 VPoints you tkae 15€ discount coupon!
  • With 750 VPoints you take 30€ discount coupon!
  • With 1000 Vpoints you take 45€ discount coupon!


How you Redeem your Discount Coupon?

Once you receive your Coupon, you will get a unique code. This code will be used at the check out and a discount will be showed up at the value of your coupon! You can see anytime the discount coupon code at the "Redeem History" menu at the "Reward" menu.


Join – Earn – Redeem




If you have any question do not hesitate to e-mail us at: info@vessel.gr