Calendula Macerated Oil
Calendula Macerated Oil
Calendula Macerated Oil

Calendula Macerated Oil

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The Calendula Macerated Oil with Greek Organic Calendula plants and Greek Virgin Olive Oil.

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Latin name(s):Calendula officinalis, Oleaeuropea


Other names: Calendula is alsocommonly known as Pot Marigold


Plant part used for maceration:fresh flowering heads of organically grown calendula


Maceration medium:organic virgin olive oil


Area of origin: The plants of Calendula are from our cultivations in Chalkidiki. The Olive Oil is produced also in Chalkidiki, Northern Greece!


Historical notes:


Calendula is thought to originate from southern Europe but its long history of cultivation makes it difficult to establish the precise area of origin. It is also widely naturalised in farther north in Europe and in other warm temperate regions of the world.


Calendula flowers were used in ancient Greek, Roman, Middle Eastern and Indian cultures,as a medicinal herb, a dye for fabrics and in cosmetics.


Chemical constituents:


Olive oil: oleic fatty acid, palmitic fatty acid, linoleic fatty acid, stearic fatty acid, alpha-linolenic fatty acid, myristic fatty acid, arachidic fatty acid, palmitoleic fatty acid, begenic fatty acid, delta-tocopherol (natural Vit. E), Vit. A, Vit. K, beta-carotene, chlorophyll, polyphenols, oleocanthal, squalane


Calendula contains high levels of carotene.


Colour: dark yellow


Aroma: earthly, herbal, fresh and characteristic


Consistency: typical of the Olive Oil


Therapeutic properties associated with Calendula Macerated Oil (in Olive Oil): anti-inflammatory, nourishing, occlusive and protective (slows down the TEWL), softening, warming


How we use it:


  • Macerated calendula oils are traditionally used for minor skin problems to promote skin repair and wound healing and sooth inflammation, e.g. eczema, varicose veins, scrapes, nappy rash, chapped hands/feet, psoriasis, etc.
  • Calendula macerated in Olive oil suits all skin types, especially dry, including sensitive skin but should be diluted with lighter, more astringent oils for oily skin applications; it is also suitable for baby products
  • To sooth inflammation and repair the skin incorporate into your lotions and potionsg. nappy rash oil, scar tissue oil, rejuvenating/nourishing oil or cream
  • Add to your Scalp massage oilfor dry, irritated scalp and dandruff
  • Add to your Massage oilsfor that extra skin nourishment, traditionally also used for PMS, easing menstrual pain; as our calendula has been macerated in olive oil, it might also be useful for rheumatic pains and poor circulation, aches and pains, broken nails
  • In Cosmetic making add to your rich, occlusive products, ointments and emulsions in hot lipid phase

Safety considerations: